by Ron Robinson 0

Thursday, September 22, 2016: Video update to our previous story – Our sources document just how easy it is for anyone to get private voter data from Hillary’s phone bank servers.

Watch false credentials given to log in:

We previously reported on the Hilary Clinton campaign phone bank servers being open to a false public login, granting access to private citizen data, even to people who give a false email address to log in.  As a result of questions we put out to some trusted sources asking if they had seen actual visual confirmation that this was true, several videos came our way.  Videos of a spurious login are shown in the report above.

While you do see ‘https:’ in the top left of the browser, that does not mean that the server is secure from unauthorized access – it simply makes an unsavory actor’s activity more private and harder to discover.

Although @AnonAmericaHQ has tweeted about this many, many times since Monday, as of early on Thursday, Hillary has apparently done nothing to secure her servers.

One source included ‘show your work’ video demonstrating that he was logging in to Hillary’s servers from Iceland (that is not included in the report above).   This makes @AnonAmericaHQ’s assertion that parties are logging in from Nigeria or Russia a distinct possibility as Hillary’s servers do not appear to  be making simple and trivial IP/geographic checks that any responsible campaign would employ.  We also saw evidence that Hillary’s servers may be set to the GMT time zone (England) instead of local time, suggesting that voters could be getting calls in the middle of the night.

Update: earlier on Thursday, @AnonAmericaHQ has apparently changed their Twitter handle to @0HOUR1__

Ron Robinson was the National Digital Director for the Draft Carson Campaign, and is a stringer for RSBN.  He does many quiet digital projects for campaigns, and is working now on a media project that will soon launch for crowdfunding (it’s cool – watch for it)