Senator Cruz Suspends Campaign Following Trump Landslide Indiana Primary Win

by RSBN Staff 0

Following Donald Trump’s landslide win in today’s Indiana primary, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has announced the suspension of his Presidential campaign.


We at RSBN congratulate Senator Cruz (and, no, we are not now about to keep going with a certain nickname Trump has been using for him whose first part is a homonym of the animal commonly known as the “king of the jungle”) on a hard-fought campaign. It is impressive to us that, as a 45-year-old who is in his first term in Washington, Senator Cruz emerged as the clear runner-up in a process which started with 17 major candidates.


Following the Indiana results, Cruz, with his wife Heidi by his side, told an Indianapolis crowd: “I’ve said I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory; tonight I’m sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed.”


Not mentioning Trump in his speech, Cruz also said “the challenges we face today remain as great as ever. Americans are deeply frustrated and desperately want to change the path that we’re on.”


No information is yet available about whether and how Cruz and Trump would attempt to reconcile following a competitive, at times vitriolic, campaign. It is certainly premature at this point to speculate on such a process.


It is worth noting that Trump, when asked Monday about putting Senator Cruz on the Supreme Court, seemed at least minimally open to the possibility. In response to the question from the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee said: “I don’t know. … That’s a big decision. But there’s a whole question of uniting, and there’s a whole question as to temperament. And I’d have to think about it.”


Trump congratulated Senator Cruz on a well-run campaign tonight in his victory speech and called him a ‘heck of a competitor’.


Watch Trump’s remarks below: