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A year ago, Mike Cernovich was a fringe blogger posting a blend of pro-Trump memes and self-help tips from his home base in Southern California. Today, he’s beating the mainstream media to some of the Trump era’s biggest news stories.


While still far from a household name, Cernovich was first to ID Susan Rice as the key official in the “unmasking” controversy — and accurately predicted President Trump’s strikes in Syria last week, shortly before they were launched.


The scoops don’t mean he’s gone mainstream. Cernovich remains a divisive figure, derided by some media outlets as a cog of the alt-right and a white nationalist, labels he rejects. But his recent reporting is attracting growing attention, including from Trump’s inner circle.


“I view myself as having an adversarial approach to the media,” he told Fox News. “I want to do journalism on journalists. I want to do the stories on stories that aren’t being told.”


Cernovich describes himself as a “lawyer, author, free speech activist, and documentary filmmaker.” Before he was on the Trump train, he started out as a self-help guru for men, via his blog Danger & Play which offered style and fitness tips, and encouraged men to adopt a style of alpha masculinity.

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